Girl steals dad's phone and books dream Disneyland holiday

funny stuff 13/11/2017

A nine-year-old girl from the UK has found herself in trouble after using her father's PayPal account to book an extravagant holiday to Disneyland Paris.

Ian Wilson told the Daily Mail his daughter Susan got hold of his phone while he slept and guessed the password to his PayPal account. She then purchased flights, a hotel gift card, £400 (NZ$755.98), a VIP trip to the Eiffel Tower, £214.08(NZ$404.60), and tickets on the Disneyland express train and into the park £391.84 (NZ$740.56).

Altogether the trip cost £1005.92 (NZ$1901.14). 

Mr Wilson did not realise the money had been spent until three days later, when he saw it had been removed from his account.

He told The Sun his daughter didn't realise what she was actually doing when she booked the trip.

"I don't think Susan realises the enormity of what she had done," he said.

"She said sorry and promised 10p to help pay it back."

Susan herself claimed to not know what she was doing, telling The Sun that she didn't even know where Paris was. 

"I don't know how I did it. I just like messing about with Dad's phone. I don't know where Paris is or what the Eiffel Tower is."

PayPal and the travel websites reportedly did not want to refund the money, but it was eventually refunded by PayPal as a gesture of good will.

Mr Wilson now has a password on his phone, preventing Susan from booking further adventures without his permission.