Mum accused of ruining the magic of X-Mas after asking for cash gifts for her kids

omg 07/11/2017

A mum has been slammed online after asking her relatives to only give her kids cash gifts for Christmas as he house is too cluttered to have presents.

The kid's aunty took to Mumsnet to ask if she was the only one who found this a bit odd, she was not alone...

"I have explained that my husband and I feel quite strongly that we don’t want to give money as gifts yet as they are young."

"I also suggested the children give us ideas of what they do want, that we check sizes or that we get experience type gifts (like zoo voucher etc)."

"She isn’t happy about this at all. Said she’s happy for us to give presents at Christmas but that she really want money and has made me feel extremely uncomfortable about it all."

"I’m annoyed as to me a gift is not something that should be expected. But I wonder if I’ve lost sense of perspective and I’m too stuck in old school ways?"

People were quick to give their views on the matter, with one person agreeing by saying "gifts are gifts, you (or your parents) don't get to dictate what they are."

Another questioned the Mum's motives, "I highly doubt that children aged under 10 would prefer money to an actual present." she wrote.

Others were a bit more symptathetic towards the mum.

"I understand her point about clutter and there is so much waste associated with Xmas. If it is savings (i.e. not for the child to squander) then your money is put to good use & is not wasted." one person said.

Some else suggested the idea of an IOU day out. "Then you can take them somewhere!" they wrote. "Wouldn't give cash - gifts are a bonus, asking for cash is grabby and the kids shouldn't grow up expecting cash off people in my opinion."

Do you see a problem with someone specifying what gifts they would like for their kids?

Source: The Sun