Mum bans 4-year-old daughter from getting Christmas presents this year

omg 02/11/2017

A mum has opened up about the reason she won’t be allowing her daughter to receive any Christmas presents this year, which is largely due to the fact that she thinks Christmas has become too commercialised.      

"For most children, Christmas just means a massive present fest.” She wrote.

"The true meaning has been lost, and I don’t believe in giving kids a present for no reason.

"To my mind, kids should only get presents when they deserve them, not on a specific day.

"I’ve explained how I feel to my daughter Lena, and she is absolutely fine with it.

"Christmas for us is just another day – we go for a walk in the park, we play cards, we have a lovely quiet day together."

She also opened up about the memories she had about Christmas from when she was a child, a lot of them involved her mum’s high level of stress.

"She’d argue with everyone, and drag us all around the shops," she explained.

"So I grew up associating Christmas with stress, and I vowed that when I had kids, I would not celebrate it."

She added that she "hopes it means that she will be a much more balanced person as a result, who will appreciate the things she has.”

People have been divided over her stance, with some calling her ‘miserable’ and ‘rotten’ with others praising her choice admitting it must have been tough.

Would you ever consider doing this at your house?

Source: The Sun