Mum begs other parents to stop giving kids names that aren't 'adult friendly'

omg 23/11/2017

A woman has taken to Mumsnet in an effort to get parents to stop naming their children unusual names, claiming they won't suit them when they grow up.

"I've lost count of the amount of times I've seen someone post a picture on their feed of their newborn with a name that is either really, really different or something that the child may not enjoy being called in the future when they are a teenager/adult..." the mum wrote.

"Eg. Billi Mucklow (reality star) naming her new baby boy Wolf Nine. It's different, yes and okay when he is a baby but I'm just imagining a professional middle aged businessman named Wolf and can't picture it." 

"I grew up with a very different name that is often mispronunced and is also a bit 'babyish' for my age now which I do find awkward in a professional environment. 
Am I being unreasonable and alone in thinking this?"

The comments quickly flooded in, with some supporting her views and others against.

"I do agree with you, I see some names and it's difficult to keep a straight face." one person wrote.

"Why on earth would anyone give their child a name that is absolutely guaranteed to invite years of p***taking?" questioned another.

But others didn't see how what other parents named their children was any of her business.

"Names are becoming more diverse. Deal with it. it'll probably sound normal in 20 years time." someone stated bluntly.

But one person did have a practical idea to allow the child the best of both worlds. "I absolutely love unusual names though - if I ever have a miracle, there will be some eyebrow raising I'm sure (and a nice plain middle name for them to choose if they wish to in the future)"

Do you agree with the original poster that parents need to think in advance more when naming their child?

Source: Mumsnet