Mum considers decorating XMas Tree without the kids

omg 28/11/2017

A woman has taken to Mumsnet to express her concerns about her kids getting involved in decorating the family Christmas tree.

"Our decorations will go up on the 8th. We have always done this as a family." her post began.

"But our kid count has grown, so, thinking it would be a little crazy with all the kids, I dropped into conversation with *my husband* that I might do it while kids are in bed, or at least the youngest 2."

"He wasn't happy. My sister in law does it while hers are at school and said it's a lot easier, and loves seeing there faces when they come home."

"I know it will be great with there excitement but with the smallest who are both 2yo (one about to turn 3) and a 6yo and 13yo I'm sure it will be hectic."

"I do love it, and I suppose I would miss the fun of it all and there faces, and feel mean for thinking about not doing it with them, but dreading it at the same time."

Feedback came in thick and fast, some agreeing with the concerned mother while others called her a 'spoil-sport'.

"I think it would be a bit mean doing it without them. It's part of the fun for children. Just rearrange the decorations to your liking when they're in bed." one person wrote.

"I am not involving my toddler, no way, never ever!" someone else agreed.

But others offered up some helpful tips for how they do it in their home...

"I put my tree up, as in just the tree, when the kids are in bed. Then they decorate it the next day. Otherwise it takes too long and ends up with someone crying and kicking off"

Do you think this mum is being a spoil-sport? Or are her concerns fair enough?

Source: Mumsnet