Mum hits out at 'inconsiderate' workmate after receiving 5am txt

omg 06/11/2017

A woman has taken to Mumsnet to hit out at her 'inconsiderate' workmate after she received a text from them at 5.30 in the morning. The women added that there was no emergency, it was just the colleague wanting to know something.

It was a mixed bag of responses online, with many agreeing with the woman's position.

"I'm in the don't text at silly times camp, it's rude." one person wrote.

Someone else went for a more blunt approach saying, "I would politely tell somebody to get lost if they texted me at 530 a.m. How inconsiderate." 

But others didn't quite see the issue...

"Put your phone on silent or in airplane mode or do not disturb when you go to bed." one user suggested. 

"Your colleague was not expecting an immediate answer or they would have rung you. Texts were invented so a sender can send when convenient to them, and the receiver receives when convenient to them. If you don't want to receive texts in the middle of the night, it's up to you to mute your phone." someone else explained.

Would have you a problem with getting a 5am work text?

Source: Mumsnet