Mum offers son up to work for neighbours for free as punishment

we love 21/11/2017

A mother in the US offered up her son to do people's chores for free as a punishment.

After her 13-year-old son was suspended from school,  Demetris Payne posted a job advertisement on Facebook.

"He will do your lawn service, he will rake your yard, mow if supply mower, pick up trash, or wash your car for free," she said.

Ms Payne told CBS her son Jadarien was suspended for three days for talking back to a teacher at a school in Louisiana.

She confiscated his phone and video games, but said he still seemed to be treating his suspension "like a vacation".

This led her to decide he needed some more serious discipline, so she made the Facebook post which quickly went viral.

Several people took up the offer, and Ms Payne drove her son through the neighbourhood as he mowed lawns and raked leaves.

"He didn't complain the whole time," she told CBS.

Ms Payne said he has learnt his lesson: "No matter if the teacher is right or wrong - always respect your teachers, respect adults."