Mum shares hilarious 'Peppa Pig' birthday cake fail

funny stuff 08/11/2017

A mum has shared her hilarious birthday cake mishap online. The mum ordered a Peppa Pig,

“They asked me to bring in the image I wanted on the cake on a memory stick and they would scan it onto the cake,” the mum told The Irish Sun.

“So they did.”

“The Peppa Pig picture was the only file on the USB,” added.

But clearly communication at the printery broke down, as the cake arrived with a USB scanned onto the icing rather than the file on it.

“The cake tasted fab and we all had a laugh in the end… And we got the price of the cake back,” she said.

“We are laughing about it now. It's a comedy show.”

Thankfully they did get the Peppa Pig cake they were after, but it’s definitely a lesson in communication for some!

Photo credit: Karen Moroney

Source: Honey.Nine