Mum vents frustrations over her 'nudey neighbour'

omg 27/11/2017

A woman has taken to Mumsnet to vent her frustrations over a neighbour who is quite literally baring all to the neighbourhood...

"Last few days we’ve noticed a bit of odd behaviour from our neighbour opposite." her post began.

"She sleeps with her curtains open all night and then gets undressed/dressed with them open in the morning. When she’s going to bed she’s starkers! We’ve resorted to leaving our bedroom curtains closed all day everyday as she’s been naked during the day."

She added that some in the neighbourhood have confronted her about her habits, she claimed to be unaware she was doing it and continued as she was.

People were split over the post, but it seems a majority of respondants weren't that offended by it.

"You can't ring the police because someone is naked in their own home! She might just not care whether or not you see her nude and she has every right not to." one person said.

"You can actually open/shut your curtains without looking across at her window, just look at the road/garden or whatever." added another.

How would you react if this was happening in your neighbourhood?

Source: Mumsnet