New Zealand's weirdest pet names revealed

NZ 16/11/2017

Kiwi pet owners have showcased their imagination in a list of quirky pet names. 

The list, released by Southern Cross Pet Insurance, featured names based on puns, stories from the pet's background or famous figures.

Ginger cats seem to be ripe for crazy names with names like Bruce Springsteen and Fanta Pants prowling kiwi back yards.

Some of the names have a story behind them, with kitty Compost earning his name from being found in a rubbish pile.

Border Collie cross Beaudie was named in honour of his uncle, the late All Black Nicky Allen due to comparisons between Mr Allen and Beauden Barrett.

Wolfgang Amadeus Meowzart got his name due to his owners love of Mozart and wish to give him a name that contained "wolf".

You do have to be careful with pronunciation though; the owner of a kitten called The Taxman says that people always forget an important part of his name.

"It's The Taxman, not just Taxman  I find myself correcting people all the time," his owner said.

"It carries a lot more mana! He's a kitten, so he needs all the mana he can get!"