People can't decide if this pic is of a dog wearing glasses or an old lady's head

omg 24/11/2017

First, the blue/gold dress... then, the pink/white shoes.

Now, the latest question to break the internet and divide the nation - is this a dog wearing sunglasses or an old lady's head? 

Not really, but this image posted to reddit over the weekend has already drawn hundreds of comically puzzled responses.

Entitled 'Tell me why I thought this old lady's hair was a dog wearing sunglasses', the innocuous image of an older woman's hair over a counter top bears a striking resemblance to a particularly chill canine. 

Redditors responded primarily with disappointment and disbelief, when they realised what the image actually was.  

"Going to need more evidence that it isn't a dog wearing sunglasses."

"It makes me sad that there's not a sunglasses-wearing cool pup going around town doing his dog thing."

You and me both, buddy.