Shop blames mum for uncontrollable kids after destroying $1500 of makeup

omg 20/11/2017

A person who witnessed over $1500 worth of Sephora makeup get destroyed has taken to Facebook in a plea to get parents to shop without their children.

The woman took a photo of the tray of eyeshadow, and to say it's seen better days would be an understatement! The writer believes the damage was done by a child she saw wondering around the store with their mum.

"I’m sure he/she thought they were like finger paints and had no idea how naughty they were being. Tons of destroyed product and pissed Sephora cast members are a not a happy place to be." the woman wrote.

"Mammas, please shop for your makeup without your tiny humans. It’s not fun for you...or them...or the expensive product."

People were quick to respond to the post, some agreeing with the poster while others accused her of 'mum-shaming'.

Where do you stand, should parents take more responsibility or should the store loosen up a bit?

Source: Insider