Study reveals the 8 things it takes to be a 'real mum'

we love 10/11/2017

A recent survey of mums has revealed the 8 things it takes to be a 'real mum'.

The good news is that the results of the study are generally things that anyone from any background can do...
The 8 things that make you a 'real mum'
  1. Being there when your child needs you
  2. Wanting your child’s happiness more than your own
  3. Coping with all the highs and lows of parenting
  4. Loving your child unconditionally
  5. Being emotionally available for your child
  6. Answering all of their questions
  7. Doing mundane chores out of love
  8. Going without so your child has what they need

Woud you add anything to this list?

Source: The Sun