Teacher explains childbirth with a balloon and ping pong ball

funny stuff 09/11/2017

Ever wondered how the miracle of childbirth works?

Well this homemade demonstration involving a pink balloon and a ping pong ball has been called a pretty accurate explanation of what prospective parents can expect.

Filmed by American birthing teacher Liz Chalmers, she originally shared on Facebook a video of her balloon demonstration for her Kiwi niece, currently studying to be a birthing instructor.

Placing a ping pong inside, she inflates the balloon, then allows the ping pong ball to fall to the bottom, blocking the air hole.

She then squeezes it, using the simulation to explain how contractions work. After enough “pushing”, the ping pong ball is squeezed out and shoots quickly from the bottom.

While the ping pong “baby” is a bit unrealistic (if only child birth moved that quickly), people online have praised her “excellent” visual demonstration.

The video has had more than 20,000 shares and more than 2.5 million views on Facebook.