Teacher sparks debate after issuing a permission slip to give students Kit Kats

omg 08/11/2017

A teacher has sparked debate online after issuing a permission slip to allow their students to eat a Kit Kat in class.

The Kit Kat is part of a writing activity in which the kids will write instructions on how to eat it.

'On Monday 6th November each Year 1 child will be given a Kit Kat to eat.' the note began.

'If you do not wish your child to eat a Kit Kat please let us know before Monday.'

'If you do not want your child to eat a Kit Kat they can still take part by watching another child eat theirs.'

People were quick to jump on the form, with many calling it ridiculous.

"So it's okay for school to give kids chocolate but if parents do it they're ridiculed by the school and the children have them confiscated." One person asked. "As usual one rule for them a different rule for us scenario, just like the uniform fiasco."

But others were more sympathetic to the school, pointing out that some kids have allergy issues that need to taken into consideration. 

'Due to severe allergies I would want to know before my son was given anything to eat. I would like to be kept informed. We were once in a situation where school gave him mayonnaise - he is allergic to egg - he missed school as he ended up so poorly. If they had asked we would have said no and suggested an alternative. Well done to the school for asking!' one woman wrote.

How do you feel about the now infamous KitKat form?

Source: GoodToKnow