The most 'bogan' baby names of 2017 revealed

omg 20/11/2017

If your name is Jewelz, Kaos or Zealand - sorry, but you've made the list of the top 20 bogan baby names this year.

According to The Little Book of Bogan Baby Names, there's a fine line between bogan and unique.

The list is as follows:

Top 10 bogan girls' names

  1. Astoria
  2. Bexleigh
  3. Everdeen
  4. Haydee
  5. Jewelz
  6. Tia Clair
  7. Vanity
  8. Vientiane
  9. Xienna
  10. Xtyl

Top 10 bogan boys' names

  1. Aaydne
  2. Kaos
  3. Harlen
  4. Huntah
  5. Kyson
  6. Lijah
  7. Reken
  8. Slash
  9. Xeke
  10. Zealand

But if you have one of these 20 names, don't fret - it's not a scientific, or exhaustive, list.

Author Sabrina Rogers-Anderson says "most readers" take her "bogan musings as they were intended - a good-natured laugh".

"We all have a bit of bogan in us that needs to be celebrated. Truth be told, I can't help but like some of these names just a little bit."