The simple trick that claims to put you to sleep in 90 seconds

It's no secret that sleep is important and as the weather heats up, it can be hard to get a decent nights rest.

But there's a very simple tip going around online, which helps get you to sleep in just 90 seconds. It's known as the '4-7-8' technique and it's used to relax your mind and body into a state ready for sleep.

There are 4 basic steps to it...

  1. Breathe in through your nose for 4 seconds
  2. Hold your breath for 7 seconds
  3. Breathe out of your mouth for 8 seconds
  4. Repeat until you fall asleep.

"I've been doing this for the past 3 nights (I usually have terrible insomnia) and it honestly works!” one person wrote online.

If you feel like giving this a try, let us know how you get on!