The youngest child is more likely to be the favourite says new study

omg 14/11/2017

Everyone with a sibling will know this argument well - who is the favourite sibling?

Well a recent study into family dynamics has found that more often than not, the youngest child is in fact the favourite!

The researchers believe that a large part of this is in the eye of the beholder. Their research suggests that if the youngest child thinks they are the favourite, the parents will mirror that message onto them, reinforcing the idea that they’re the favourite.

They added that the youngest also tends to place more emphasis on comparing themselves to others. Because of this, they live their lifes doing things to stand out above their other siblings, in an effort to reaffirm their favouritism.

“When parents are more loving and they’re more supportive and consistent with all of the kids, the favouritism tends to not matter as much,” the study said.

“What I would say is ‘you need to treat them fairly, but not equally.’ If you focus on it being okay to treat them differently because they’re different people and have different needs, that’s OK.”

Source: Independent