This creepy dog optical illusion has had the internet baffled

omg 01/12/2017

This image of a dog has got the internet completely befuddled.

The confusing picture, posted to Reddit late last week, has now gone viral.

At first glance, it appears to be of a dog that has some sort of alarming physical deformity. Its left eye appears sunken and shrivelled, it seems to be missing an ear, and its entire face appears misshapen.

But despite how it looks, none of those descriptors are actually true.

In reality, the dog has nothing wrong with it. How?

Well here's the clincher, and you probably guessed it already: you're looking at it all wrong.

That sunken left eye is actually its nose, and what you thought was its nose is actually its right eye.

If you need help to see how the dog is meant to look, tilt your head to the left.

Still can't work it out? Check out what is really going on below...