Watching Disney films can make you a nicer person study claims

we love 27/11/2017

Most of us have grown up having watched something from Disney in one form or another. But a recent study has shown that watching Disney films can have added perks to our lives other than just entertainment.

Turns out watching large amounts of Disney magic can actually make you a nicer person!

The researchers studied 61 animated films produced by the year 2011. Throughout the 5128 minutes of film studied, they found 5530 ‘pro-social’ () acts were found (voluntary behaviour intended to benefit another) – which works out to be just over 1 positive action per minute.

The huge amount of positive behaviour in the Disney films is largely believed to be what contributes to a person being nicer. So next time the kids put on ‘Frozen’ or ‘Moana’ for 1000th time, just think about some those added benefits you’ll be getting.