A glass of wine may be good for breastfeeding mums

omg 20/12/2017

If you’re a new mum craving a sip of wine, an Australian study says it may be good for your baby!

Research from Deakin University has found drinking the occasional glass of wine while breastfeeding can help a baby’s development.

The study saw babies whose mothers drank at eight weeks post birth generally had better personal and social development by the 12 month mark, compared to those mothers who abstained completely.

Typically, those mothers who occasionally drank a glass were mindful “low-level” drinkers who carefully followed guidelines that help minimise the transfer of alcohol to their babies via breast milk.

Lead researcher, Delyse Hutchinson, said the study doesn’t condone excessive drinking for new mums in any way, but it does suggest that those who fear about alcohol reaching an infant don’t have to worry that they’re causing harm.

"This Australian study shows for the first time that low level drinking during breastfeeding is not linked to negative impacts on infants up to 12 months of age," she said.

"Whilst lactating women are drinking, intake levels are typically quite low, and most women use multiple strategies to minimise alcohol being passed on to infants. The results suggest that these strategies are likely to be effective in preventing potential harm to infants.”