Australia has officially lost the plot and created a 'Vegemite Ice-block'

omg 14/12/2017

Australia has caused quite the stir online with the news that the people behind Vegemite are making an ice-block of the same flavour!

"Brace yourselves Australia... It's time for VEGEMITE Icy Poles!" the company wrote on their Twitter.

People were quick to show their disgust at the very idea of a vegemite flavoured ice-cream - it doesn't exactly sound like the ideal summer treat does it!

"I'm calling the police on your whole country." one person joked.

"No it goes on toast, you don't put it on a roast, you don't put it on pizza, you put it on toast and only toast." protested another.

Vegemite aren't selling the ice-blocks anywhere at this stage, but have instead provided a recipe so you can create them at home!

While it might not be the ideal Christmas day dessert... Does this sound like something you'd make over the summer holidays?