Boss takes staff on luxurious trip to Spain for their Christmas party

omg 11/12/2017

Most companies celebrate Christmas with a bonus or a staff party, but this UK company is going viral for their far more extravagant Christmas celebration.

Salad is a creative agency in the UK and after an extremely succesful 2017 their CEO Arabella Lewis-Smith decided to take their entire team to Spain!

"Salad is a company that cares about its people, and being able to gift our 20 superstars with a culturally enriching trip to another country is a delightful feeling." she said.

During their trip to Spain the staff bonded over three days of eating, outdoor activites, sight seeing and generally celebrating. The trip reportedly cost just over $100,000 NZD.

"Since founding Salad 16 years ago, I’ve watched our business grow from strength to strength. And after a prosperous 2017, we decided it was time to celebrate in style with a Christmas party to remember."

Now that is a Christmas party they won't be forgetting anytime soon!

Source: DailyEcho