Bridesmaids horrified after bride instructs them to return dresses after use

omg 22/12/2017

A bridesmaid has been left horrified after a strange request from the bride.

"In Janurary I will be one of two bridesmaids for my friends wedding." the women wrote in an e-mail to More FM

"She is doing everything on the cheap, which is fair enough with the cost of weddings these days, and both are not fancy people so its suits them!"

"But one thing that I just think is wrong is our bridesmaids dresses… We will only wear for about half of the day but the bride has told us to keep the tags on and she will return them the day after the wedding… Is it just me or is that wrong? What should I say or do?"

More FM listeners were quick to help the women out with her situation.

"Ewww they wouldn’t get washed and how would you feel if you spent good money on a dress and it’s been worn by someone else sweaty all day. Not to mention that it is just rude." said one woman.

"Absolute dishonesty. Shes stealing the dresses. They would need dry cleaning
after a days wear. Shocking!!!" added another.

Others weren't as harsh and called the bride 'clever' and praised her ability to look creatively to save money.

Do you think it's fair of the bride to ask this?