Christmas dress up go unusually festive with reindeer boobs

omg 21/12/2017

While it seemed that decorating beards with Christmas decorations or "beardements" might be the hottest trend for the festive season, some innovative and brave Instagrammers have decided to try a more outrageous version. 

'Christmas boobs' have been around since 2012, but every year, a few new entries come into the fold. 

Basically the idea is that you reveal one or both of your boobs, decorated to really encompass the Christmas spirit. 

Extra points, if it's out of a hole in an ugly Christmas jumper - think Regina George's tank top in Mean Girls.   

What that means is that you decorate your boob to be something Christmas-related, so it becomes part of your Christmas outfit. 

While women tend to have an advantage when it comes to decorating space, a few innovative men have also gotten on board.   

Here are some of our favourite entries into the Christmas boob fold: