Christmas party hook-ups more likely to lead to love says study

omg 13/12/2017

If the thought of pashing your colleague at the office Christmas party is a solid 10 on your scale of worst ideas ever, it actually might not be a terrible thing. 

A British study has revealed 53 percent of holiday-party hook-ups turn into relationships that last more than a year.

The study of 2000 workers by UK printing company Instantprint reveals that of those matches, a third are actually still together a year on.

Photo credit: Instaprint

The study says the high success rate is usually because you already know each other, and likely have common interests. 

Metro reports that according to the same study, Human Resources party the hardest at these functions, with more than half of them feeling nervous about returning to the office and 40 percent considering handing their notice in the day after, thanks to their unruly party behaviour.

Senior management stay out later than other workers, with 20 percent saying they're out until at least 2am, while those working in IT are apparently most likely to kiss someone.