Dad turns step-daughter’s tantrum face into Christmas ornament

funny stuff 20/12/2017

There’s nothing like putting personal touches on the family Christmas tree, but one stepdad has really taken things a step further by turning his step-daughter into an ornament.

But it’s no ordinary, loving Christmas ornament that he’s put together.

"My step-daughter had a meltdown while taking Christmas pictures a few years ago so I made this ornament that we now hang on the tree every year," wrote user 'dirty-ol-sob' on Reddit.

The special ornament features a tearful child in a red scarf and beanie, holding a bauble with a pained look on her face.

While many could see the humour in it, some couldn’t resist making ‘evil stepdad’ comparisons, saying that he was “tormenting” his daughter.

He responded to the criticism and explained his step-daughter thought the ornament was hilarious now.

"She’s fully aware actually," he explained. "She's got a great sense of humour and has enough confidence that she can laugh at herself every once and awhile. Thanks for being so concerned though!"

Source: 9HoneyNews