Kids inherit their intelligence from their mums not their dads says study

we love 19/12/2017

A recent study has revealed that mums are the ones who pass down their genetic intelligence to their children, not the fathers.

The research believes that the cleverness and smarts of a person are carried by a particular chromosome inherited by the mother and not the father. They also believe that the father’s chromosome may actually be deactivated during conception, meaning they have very little to do with the genetic smarts of a child.

It is also added that only around 40% - 60% of intelligence is actually inherited and the rest comes down to upbringing and environmental surroundings.

A strong bond with a mother is also thought to give a child a sense of security which enables them to be confident in problem solving and trying out new things. Mums are also more likely to help their children learn problem solving skills, further helping them reach their potential.

Source: Independent