Man mocks his girlfriend's maternity pics with his own 'McDonald's Food Baby' version

funny stuff 13/12/2017

When Nick found he and his girlfriend were expecting their first baby together, Nick decided he couldn't let his girlfriend have all the fun of a maternity shoot, so he came up with a plan...

With the help of his photographer mate Stephen, the pair went to Mc Donald's so Nick could create his very own 'food baby' for a hilarious photoshoot!

Photo credit: Stephen Cwiok

"After finding out my girlfriend and I were pregnant, Stephen jokingly suggested that we do a photo shoot in the same style of a maternity shoot." Nick told Unilad.

"After talking more about it, we decided that we should follow through with it, do the shoot and not tell my girlfriend. So, one day Stephen came to my house, picked me up, and off we were."

Photo credit: Stephen Cwiok

"We went straight to McDonalds and ordered an absurd amount of food that I had to slam into my face hole."

"If I'm being completely honest, the awful cramps from the double cheeseburgers brought me so much closer to the pregnancy."

Photo credit: Stephen Cwiok

"We put the album on a table where nobody was sitting, walked away, grabbed a beer, sat down and waited. The album didn't go unnoticed for very long."

"It was everything we hoped it to be. As soon as they flipped the cover to the album, their head whipped back and hysterical laughter began! Not long after, people began to surround the table. Our mission was a success."

Photo credit: Stephen Cwiok

Source: Unilad