Mum causes outrage after cancelling Christmas as a punishment to her kids

omg 08/12/2017

A mum has sparked outrage online after she enlisted some help from her household 'Elf on a Shelf' to cancel Christmas. Her kids had clearly been misbehaving, so as punishment the Elf on a Shelf took away all the presents under the tree and left a threatening note...

Christmas is cancelled for now! If you want me to keep visiting, a Santa visit and your presents back your behaviour needs to improve.

Santa is very angry and I’m disappointed. Be good and say sorry to mum. You all have one week to improve. I’m watching.

Most feedback online was negative towards the mum, with people dubbing her actions as 'cruel' and adding she should have never asked the normally cheerful Elf to get involved. 

“It’s too harsh. We used to just say ‘Remember Santa’s watching’. No threats, no drama – and it worked a treat in our house.” one parent wrote.

“That is very cruel. I feel sorry for some children.” added someone else.

But others didn't see the issue.

“Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean they’re entitled to receive presents. This is the perfect time of year to really instil that you reap what you sow.”

Do you think it's fair for parents to get Santa and his Elves involved in behavioural punishments.

Source: The Sun