Mum defends introducing her children to alcohol at 13

omg 22/12/2017

A British mum has defended her reasons for introducing her children to alcohol in their very early teenage years.

Shona Sibary, a journalist and mum-of-four, appeared on Good Morning Britain to explain how her children have grown up in a household that includes alcohol, and know how to pour drinks for her.

“My father taught me how to pour a decent G&T [Gin and Tonic], and I’ve done the same with my children,” Shona explained.

“My son knows that if I’ve had a bad day, it’s three fingers. If it’s not such a bad day, it’s two.”

And despite having a mother who died of alcoholism two years ago, she says she’s applied her parents’ approach to alcohol with her own family.

“My children have seen the abuse of alcohol up close and personal, but that hasn’t changed my approach. I was still allowing them to drink even before that happened," she said.

“You wouldn’t get into a car without learning how to drive...What I’m doing for my children is, by giving them small amounts on special occasions, they’re learning how their bodies react to alcohol with food.”

“And therefore they’re in a far better position when they go out with their friends to know what they’re capable of drinking.”

She says teenagers drinking alcohol is an unavoidable reality, so she is better teaching them how to do it in a responsible way.

"Most of us drink to make ourselves feel better in the evening, but people with an alcohol problem drink to stop themselves feeling bad.”

"There is a massive difference and my children know that difference."

Source: HoneyNineNews