Mum outraged after parents take photos without permission at school nativity play

omg 19/12/2017

A woman has sparked debate after venting her frustrations over other parents taking photos at her child's school nativity. She was particularly annoyed over the fact that no permission was ever asked for.

“It really ruined the performance for me, as I don't know these people who are taking videos/photos of my child.” she wrote on Mumsnet.

“I don't know where they will post them or send them to, I don't know who will see that photo or video. I did not give anyone permission to take his photo or record him.”

“Am I being unreasonable to think the school should have asked for legal written permission from all children's parents or guardians?”

People were quick to reply with their views, many saying she was overreacting.

"People can film and take photos of your child all day every day if they so wish. And do you know what? It really doesn’t matter. Do you opt out of class photos too?" one person quizzed.

But some were more supportive of the woman's post... 

"This would make me very cross... Having photos of him being seen by goodness knows who would make me very anxious." wrote one person

"That's just rude. If they want a recording they should have arranged something with the school beforehand." added another.

Do you see any issue with this?