Mum splits opinion after admitting she's charging her family for XMas dinner

omg 01/12/2017

A guest on the UK TV show Good Morning has caused a bit of a stir online after admitting she charges her friends and family for Christmas dinner.

'The very first year I opened my house to everybody I was let down by five people last minute, which put me out of pocket and I was left with excess food.' the women said.

'The year after that I tried the "bring a dish" but come Christmas eve people said they'd "forgotten to get it" so I had to scrabble around stores fighting for the last bag of prawns.'

'I have hosted for the last ten years, because I have the house big enough to host, I think if it was alternative years at different houses I wouldn't feel the need to cover the cost.'

'No one has to come if they don't want to, and all of the money does go to the food.'

She has a set rate of around $60 per person which covers all food and drinks.

People were quick to jump in with their views, with opinion being fairly split.

'Christmas is about giving and sharing. I definitely don't agree with charging your family *$60* each for Christmas dinner. I do however believe you should all contribute in some way!' some person added.

'No way! Absolutely ridiculous, I bring gifts for the family on Christmas and that is more than enough for dinner! Otherwise I'd be eating beans on toast alone for Christmas,' one person argued.

But others were more excited by the idea 'I think it's a great idea, Christmas Day is so expensive 16 people go there and expect it all! $60, 4 courses and alcohol! Bargain,' one user commented.

Do you think this woman's approach is fair?

Source: GoodToKnow