Names of kids that are more likely to become successful adults

omg 08/12/2017

Want a child more likely to be employed in later life? Start with their name.

Research done by UK based The Knowledge Academy has looked into half a million CVs to see the average earnings of people who carry one of the 1,200 common names studied.

The results proved that those called Oscar were most likely to earn a $74,041 NZ Dollars on average.

He’s swiftly followed by George ($73,171), Oliver ($69632), Thomas ($66,263), Charlie ($65,247), Harry ($62695) and Muhammad ($62,233).

For the girls, those named Lily were most likely to earn the most, with an average salary of $60,393.

These numbers were followed by those called Isabella ($56,697), Ella ($56,086) Amelia ($54,170) and Emily ($53,729).

And if you want prospective employers to think you're smarter, add an initial or middle name.

Psychologists Wijnand AP Van Tilburg and Eric R Igou found that people judged strangers with a middle name as smarter, more eloquent and more qualified than those without one. Middle-name initials also appeared more formal, and more related to "intellectual achievements"

But shortening your name has mixed results. Separate research revealed that men are more likely to boost their employability prospects if they abbreviate their names (for example, using Rob instead off Robert), but the opposite is true for women.

Source: The Sun