Parents DIY 3-year-old daughter’s extravagant “Palace” playhouse

omg 22/12/2017

One three-year-old girl is living a life of luxury inside a home most of us can only dream of.

Australian toddler Millie-Belle Diamond has what could be called the fanciest playhouse ever, after her parents spend three months designing, building and decorating the dubbed “Palace MBD”.

“I couldn’t find a cubby in Australia that came with a crystal chandelier OR a built in TV OR flooring OR a feature wall OR gable windows .... so hubby and I designed it & made it from scratch,” mum Schye Fox explained on Instagram.

“It HAD to be fit for a queen.”

The design was inspired by a “Hamptons” style cubby house Schye found overseas, which cost $20,000.

In comparison, the materials for their three-meters-squared playhouse only cost $5000 AUD, and is equipped with everything from a mini vanity to a rose garden.

Mum Schye also managed to find the right crystal chandelier to hang, that sits above the miniature piano. But of course, the chandelier doesn’t block the 50-inch TV that keeps her occupied.

The parents don’t plan to stop anytime soon, with extensions planned for a mini gazebo and pool in the future. 

Source: 9HoneyNews