Partner refuses to give in to girlfriend pushing him to get rid of his back hair

omg 18/12/2017

A man has divided opinion after revealing his girlfriend asked him to shave his back in order to appear more attractive to her. In an e-mail to More FM, the man wrote about his awkward situation.

"My girlfriend and I have been together for 6 months, and she has put her foot down and said that I need to sort out my back."

"The thing is, I have quite a hairy back, I don't do anything about it cause I can't be bothered shaving it every few weeks and there's no way in hell I'm going to let some lady put hot wax on me."

"It doesn't really worry me, some of the boys give me stick about it but in the scheme of like it's just not important."

"My girlfriend is insisting that I sort it out, as she says I would look much better with out it and she would be much more attracted to me. I don't see that I should have to."

Reaction to the man's message was split...

"Heck yes! Wax it. My fiance was hairy on his chest and back. I encouraged him
to wax it. He was great and got both waxed. Hair growth is much less. Only goes
for wax every 2-3 months." one person said.

"It's rude." One person added. "If a guy told her to dye her hair blonde or wear push
up bras, he'd be out the door!"

What do you think of the situation, is she asking too much or is it all part of forming a relationship?