People are going nuts over this new gin flavoured cheese

omg 15/12/2017

These two things may not sound like a match made in heaven, but apparently they are! 

The Cheshire Cheese Company in the UK have gone viral for their latest creation, the gin and lemon flavoured cheese!  

"We bring you another world-first with our amazing Gin & Lemon Cheshire Cheese!" the company wrote online.

"A masterful balance of Gin and Lemons with our award winning Creamy Cheshire cheese results in a totally unique and incredibly tasty Cheese blend."

The cheese has even won a bronze medal at an international cheese award and is so popular that it's currently out of stock.

It's only available in the UK at the moment, so when stocks return you might have to make a trip over that way if you're desperate to try some. 

Although given Kiwis love for cheese, it might only be a matter of time before someone makes some on our shores!