Redheads have rare and powerful genetic qualities according to science

omg 20/12/2017

Let’s hear it for the redheads!

Ginger, strawberry blonde, rose top - there are a number of names you could call those with red hair. And it turns out, like their strong coloured locks, this 2% of the population possess some powerful genetics.

Redheaded writer Erin La Rosa, there's a lot more to those with a fiery mane of hair that you may have never realised before.

"It's hard to know what to believe anymore," writes La Rosa in her book, The Big Redhead Book: Inside the Secret Society of Red Hair.

"Our eyes aren't naturally drawn to the fiery embrace of red hair, and yet society gives us mixed messages about what it means to be ginger (some good, some less so)."

Redheads have a higher pain threshold than blondes and brunettes

A 2003 study by McGill University found scarlet-haired women can cope with up to 25 percent more pain thanks to the rare genetic mutation associated with red hair and fair skin: MC1R. They were also found harder to sedate and were less likely to feel pain when pricked by a pin.

Redheads react to changes in temperature more intensely

The same MC1R gene also makes redheads more sensitive to temperature changes, so they’re more likely to feel cold or hot faster, and more severely.

Redheads create their own vitamin D

When a redhead goes outside, they produce more vitamin D in a shorter time period than people with other hair colours. The ability to produce more vitamin D can help prevent rickets, diabetes, and arthritis.

Redheads can smell better

Thanks to greater levels of acidity in the skin’s surface, redheads have the ability to evaporate their scent at a higher - and more fragrant - potency.

Source: Independent