The 'Christmas Rage Room' lets you unleash your festive stress by beating up trees

omg 21/12/2017

An enterprising British business has taken the concept of 'bah, humbug' to violent new extremes.

Rudolph's Rage Room was a one-day event in London for those who had had enough of Christmas.

For £18 ($NZ35) people were given a baseball bat and three minutes inside a room containing Christmas trees, wrapping paper and other icons of the season.

Customers donned red-and-green jumpsuits and listened to their least favourite Christmas songs, as they took out their anger and stress on anything in sight.

The rage room was organised by a creative events group, as a way for people to relax and release their strong feelings about the holiday season.

Organiser Meredith O'Shaughnessy told CBS News that the event had been widely appreciated, as December 25 crept ever closer.

"Everybody has loved it universally, whether they hate Christmas or they love Christmas."