The month you're most likely to become pregnant revealed

omg 21/12/2017

This time of year is chocka with celebrations! Whether it's about spending time with friends and family on Christmas day or seeing in the new year in style, we definitely tend to live it up around this time of year.

But a recent study has revealed that we actually may have more to celebrate around this time of year, as around Christmas and New Years is when you're most likely to get pregnant!

"More babies are likely to be conceived around the Christmas/New Year holidays, resulting in more babies born in September and October. Fewer babies are born on public holidays - possibly a result of doctors scheduling deliveries on non-public holidays." the study said.

Although not confirmed, many people put the high pregnancy rate in December down to most people having time off and the fact that people tend to be a bit more jolly around this time of year.

The study also found that 3 out of the 5 most commonly shared birthdays fall in September (the other 2 are in April and Feb), which only adds weight to the theory!

Source: Hit