This vet clinic wants to pay someone to be a 'professional cat cuddler'

we love 06/12/2017

Dream jobs don't come up very often, but here's one for every cat lover in the world!

A specialist cat vet clinic located in Ireland is on the hunt for someone to work for them as a 'Cat Cuddler'.

"We are looking for someone to work with our feline friendly staff in a 'no dogs' veterinary clinic." the job description reads.

"The ideal candidate must have gentle hands capable of petting and stroking cats for long periods of time. They need to be softly spoke and capable of cat whispering to calm the nerves of some of our in patients. An ability to understand different types of purring is a distinct added advantage in helping you secure this position with us."

While this all sounds amazing, the only downside is that you'll have to up and move your life to the other side of the world to be considered for the role. But in saying that, if you love cats that much - it might be worth it!