Wedding guests complain after being asked to chip in for the honeymoon

omg 07/12/2017

A woman has taken to Mumsnet to vent her frustration over being asked to chip in for a honeymoon instead of the normal gift.

"We've had a few wedding invites recently where the bride and groom have written a lovely little poem about how they have everything they want so could guests contribute to their honeymoon." her post began.

"Most recently was something along the lines of... Please no children, we hope you understand, our wedding day might get quite out of hand, please do rock up to the evening do, and helping out with the honeymoon would be so kind of you."

"Sooo - whole family not invited, not important enough to come to the wedding itself, but please do still help pay for our honeymoon."

"I don't know why it narks me so much. I'm not bothered about wedding lists or where you just bring a present or drop some money into a box, so why does asking to contribute to the honeymoon annoy me so much?"

People were quick to give their views, with many not seeing the issue.

"Depends, it’s pretty much the norm now. So long as it isn’t explicit, I think ‘gifts not essential, but if you insist then we’d appreciate x’ - might as well get them something they want." one person said.

"I’d rather pay some towards the honeymoon or whatever instead of wasting money on a toaster or bloody wedding champagne glasses." added someone else.

But not everyone agreed it was ok...

"I hate this too. I just took a bottle of champagne as a gift the last time I was asked to contribute to someone's honeymoon."

Do you see a problem with giving honeymoon contributions instead of the usual gift?

Source: Mumsnet