Woman criticised after spending $2500 on Christmas presents for her dog

omg 19/12/2017

A woman has been criticised online after revealing she has spent over $2500 NZD on Christmas presents for her dog Lola.

All of the presents have been individually wrapped and she admitted that this year, the dog Lola is getting more presents than her son Harry.

“I do love my Lola more than Harry. You know, Lola never moans about homework, and she never complains about what's for dinner.” The woman said.

“She had her first snow yesterday, and I came in and realised I hadn't taken any pictures of Harry - but had absolutely loads of Lola, and that's what always happens.”

“She's changed my life so much, we got her because I have an only child, Harry, who was four at the time.'

“We do everything together, she comes running with me and absolutely everything!

“My husband's view is happy wife, happy life - he knows where he comes in the pecking order - it goes Lola, Harry, him!”

Source: 9Honey