Woman pretends to be pregnant to sneak snacks into movie theatre

funny stuff 19/12/2017

Here’s one way to sneak in your favourite cheese burger into the movies.

While cinemas are the best place to eat popcorn and choc tops, it’s not everyone’s preference. But of course, getting food from the outside into the cinema is a bit of a no-no.

That is probably why the internet has gone crazy when they saw one woman’s ingenious way of sneaking in a huge bowl of treats without anyone knowing.

Twitter user AngelaBrisk shared how she saw a woman’s sneaky ploy to use a enormous polystyrene bowl under a sweatshirt to act as a fake pregnant belly.

Inside the hollowness of the bowl can be used to sneak in everything from your favourite biscuit snack, chip packets, or even a cheeseburger if you crave.

One has even dubbed it as an ‘instant popcorn bowl’.

And of course, there doesn’t have to be a bias for a woman to have a “pregnant belly”, this little trick could easily work for men looking to hide snacks in a beer gut.

Source: DailyMail