27-year-old finds the best flatmate in 95-year-old woman

we love 16/01/2018

A UK student struggling to afford a flat has found a way around the problem - moving in with a 95-year-old widow.

Alexandra Knox, 27, and her flatmate, air force veteran Florence Smith, 95, have since become best friends.

The two women split chores, watch television together, and sometimes share dinner.

Ms Knox moved in with Ms Smith when she started her masters degree at the Institute of Arts in London.

"I was really nervous when we first met but we just hit it off," she told Metro UK.

"We sit down and watch The Chase on TV together, we'll sit down for a chat over a cup of tea, we'll do some of the cleaning, it's no different to living with friends as uni students.

"And she seems to go out more than I do! If we have to worry about either of us having a late night, it's probably her."

Ms Smith has lived in the house for more than half a century, sharing it with her husband until he passed away just over 20 years ago. 

She signed up for a home sharing service ten years ago, and was later paired with Ms Knox.

"Sharing your home is a marvellous idea. Loneliness is horrible. You can get bored to tears being by yourself," she told Metro UK.

"Having someone else in the home makes a big difference. You don't have to worry about falling over or hurting yourself.

"And more importantly, it's lovely to have somebody to talk to during the day. Even if we just see each other in the mornings for 15 minutes at breakfast, it's some conversation during the day.

"I would call her a close friend. We talk about everything, just as I would with my other friends."

Flo and Alexandra are two of 300 people currently involved in the Homeshare scheme.