Couple get married on giant web hanging 120 metres in the air

omg 24/01/2018

A United States couple has tied the knot in a ceremony a dizzying 120 metres above the Moab desert in Utah.

Slack line enthusiasts Ryan Jenks and Kimberly Weglin chose a unique option for their wedding venue, setting up a huge colourful net in the middle of a canyon in the desert.

A huge netted walkway allowed Ms Weglin's father to walk her down the aisle while aerial artists performed on silks and lyra beneath the couple's nuptials.

During the ceremony, base jumpers performed as flower girls, jumping tutu clad into the canyon and packing their chutes with petals.

While the ceremony may have looked cool, it certainly wasn't always comfortable. Mr Jenks posted on Instagram that it was only 1degC on the netting.

The couple posted several shots of their unusual wedding on Instagram, with Ms Weglin saying it was only natural they married in the air.

"It was so fun to be able to take the traditional ceremony of marriage and turn it into something so completely 'us', down to every last detail," she said.