Couples ditch traditional bridesmaids and groomsmen in growing wedding trend

we love 17/01/2018

Everyone loves a beautiful wedding. But the ceremony is not as traditional as it used to be, with more brides and grooms choosing to opt out of what is expected on the “big day”.

One growing trend has been changing the way the bridal party looks. Typically brides are supported by her bridesmaids, while men are flanked by his groomsmen. Not so much now in 2018 as they get rid of the gendered roles, and embracing the new ‘bridesman’ or ‘groomswomen’.

After all, some women want to include their brothers or guy mates on their big day, or some men may wish to make their sisters or other significant females in their life as groomswomen.

“It’s becoming more of a norm to stray away from wedding traditions that don’t quite live up to the modern age we are living in,” Jen Glantz, author of Always a Bridesmaid for Hire, told Glamour.

“Instead of choosing people [for their wedding parties] based on gender, people are choosing people based on their relationships to them,” Jen said. “The rule that men have to just be groomsmen and female friends have to just be bridesmaids has gone out the door.”

So don’t feel you have to pick your best gal pals or choose only the bros in your bridal party. After all, weddings are about who you love!

Source: HelloGiggles