Dad builds sons the perfect Harry Potter reading corner under the stairs

we love 12/01/2018

Dedicated Harry Potter fans love the idea of sharing their love of the book series with their kids. One dad in particular has taken it a step further so his two sons can have the perfect space to be immersed in his favourite book series.

Peter Fragola, a 38-year-old 'New Dad' transformed the storage space under his house stairwell into the "Cupboard Under the Stairs".

A space that his three-year-old son and one-year-old son can fit in, it took two weeks to complete, with the most difficult part narrowing down his great Harry Potter ideas for the room to come together.

The "cupboard" walls are covered with Daily Prophet newspapers and memorable quotes in all manner of Rowling-esque fonts.

The colours were specifically chosen as Harry's school colours for Gryffindor - maroon and gold.

Hedwig, a few pillows, a Marauders’ Map blanket, and more keep the kids company

It even has a window where he can stick his head out of, disguised by a picture frame.

What an amazing space that his kids can get into the love of Harry Potter, and the love of reading.

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