Fed up husband fights back with set of bathroom rules for his messy wife

funny stuff 29/01/2018

A husband fed up with his wife's bathroom habits has gone viral online with a letter he wrote to her detailing the things that get on his nerve.

The letter begins with him reminding his wife about her new years resolution to be more tidy in the bathroom, and how she is failing badly so far...

"I thought the idea of twin vanities in, meant we got our own — you know, His and Hers. Why is it then, that my vanity basin has become a permanent storage container for your make-up brushes, bottles, lipsticks and whatever other ‘girl-magic’ you practise?"

He went on to add, "you have drawers and I have one. Do you have some sort of draw FOMO (fear of missing out) that incites you to invade my drawer?"

The husband then broke down the things that urk him the most into sections and gave great detail and advice for how she can improve. Tooth paste was at the top of the list.

"How ****ing hard is it to put the lid back on the tube so that when the next person (i.e.me) comes along to use it it’s not dry and congealed like roadkill."

"If I didn’t love you quite so much I may just be tempted to sabotage the toothpaste with some foreign matter (up to your imagination) to teach you a lesson."

Talking about the toilet, he pointed out that "flush” is not just a “winning hand in poker” but also a common plumbing term. “Look it Up, Practice it.” he said.

Despite all his annoyance with his wife, his letter did end somewhat happily. “I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH. PLEASE CHANGE YOUR BATHROOM HABITS.” he finished.

Read the full letter in the Facebook post below...