How to get a free upgrade at your next hotel

omg 25/01/2018

Travelling to a nice hotel for a special occasion?

Travel experts say there are a few easy ways of getting an upgrade at no extra price.

With a bit of luck, you could find yourself in a larger room with a bigger bed, better views - even a large bath.

Here are some easy tips to get some free upgrades.

Be nice

A little bit of friendliness with hotel staff could go a long way. If you want to get benefits, start off with a smile and introduction rather than being abrupt.

Alternatively, try offering a tip to the staff.

Check in late

If you check in late, the hotel could have run out of standard room - which means you could be bumped up to a better room, experts say.

Avoid arriving during rush hours or large events, when staff will be too busy.

But there is a risk. If you check in too late, they might have already given away the good rooms.

Tell them you're reviewing your stay

Let the receptionist know you will be writing a review and you'll be posting photos of the hotel to Instagram. Social media is increasingly important to hotels - so they might give you a better room in the hopes of exposure.

Just avoid creating an international incident like one blogger.

Say it's for a special occasion

Tell the hotel you're celebrating a big day. Honeymoons, anniversaries, and birthdays will give you good reason to get something extra.

Don't book the cheapest room

If you want to try for a free upgrade, don't start by booking the cheapest room.

The more money you pay to begin with, the more likely the hotel will value you as a customer and be willing to offer freebies and upgrades.